knots and other rope products

Vilson knots and other rope products

We create naval and decorative knots such as:


- Board of knots as a special decoration in your home
- Flower beds as hanging racks for flowers
- Throwing line as standard equipment for every vessel made of polypropylene rope 10, 12 and 14 mm
- Mats and rugs made of natural rope (sisal) for homes, but also office spaces in 40x60 i 50x80cm dimensions, or according to customer’s needs
- Multicolor pendants often used for boat keys
- Decorative fence made of rope
- Splicing with twisted 8-fold rope
- Floating and sinking ropes
- Knots for vessel anchoring
- Knots for mooring
- Knots for a variety of applications for commercial purposes or in households

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